Belloluogo Park is an equipped green area not far from the center of Lecce. It takes its name from the precious 14th-century Belloluogo Tower located in the northern part of the park, in front of which the ancient moat is still visible: with its circular body, the tower represents one of the rare surviving testimonies of the Salento Middle Ages. It was the historic residence of Queen Marie D’Enghien, who spent the last moments of her life here. 

It is precisely in the area around the famous Belloluogo Park Tower that in July 2022, by concession of the Municipality of Lecce, which owns it, the Oasi Classiche Forme was born, a place where it was imagined that the culture of the Festival could grow. 

Artistic director Beatrice Rana and the Opera Prima association, which organizes the Festival, have pledged to donate and plant a handful of trees each year for the benefit of the Classiche Forme Oasis, the care of which they will look after over time.