The Le Costantine Foundation covers more than 33 hectares in the countryside of Uggiano la Chiesa, a stone’s throw from the center of Casamassella, close to the Idro Valley. The blue sea of Otranto frames an enchanting backdrop of woods and Mediterranean scrub.

Before the eyes parade olive groves, meadows, fragrant broom and myrtle bushes, locust trees, holm oaks, pines and many botanical rarities, such as the Vallonea oak and small wild orchids.

Among the various riches guarded by Le Costantine is first and foremost the art of embroidery and weaving. First a tool to promote women’s autonomy and emancipation, today great excellence, recognized in Italy and around the world.

The craftswomen who work there produce textile artifacts of the highest quality by weaving natural fibers with ancient wooden looms with four healds. They use techniques dating back hundreds of years and perform every finish strictly by hand.