Leonetta Bentivoglio is a journalist, writer and curator of cultural events in Italy and abroad. 

Graduated in philosophy at the University of Rome, she works as a critic, essayist and journalist. Specialized in dance and theater, she has been a consultant for festivals and theatrical and musical events in Italy and abroad, and has been the artistic director of musical and dance events for the Autunno Musicale in Como, for the Galleria d’Arte Moderna in Bologna, for the Department of Culture of the municipalities of Rome and Bologna, for the Teatro di Roma and on behalf of various municipalities and local authorities. Since 1992 he has been a special correspondent for the daily newspaper “la Repubblica,” for which he interviews the leading figures in art and culture of our time and for which he follows the most important international musical and theatrical events, including the Salzburg Festival and the Avignon Festival. His books include La danza contemporanea (Longanesi 1985), Il teatro di Pina Bausch (Ubulibri 1991), Una volta dedicated to film director Wim Wenders (Socrates 1993), and Il mio Verdi (Socrates 2000). With the French-German publishing L’Arche, she published in 2007 a new book on Pina Bausch that came out in Italy under the title Vieni, balla con me (Barbès 2008). In December 2009, again for Barbès, Corpi senza menzogna (Bodies without Lies), dedicated to the theater of Pippo Delbono, was published. In 2010, she collaborated on the 20th edition of Riccione TTV, editing the monograph on Pina Bausch. With Lidia Bramani he signed E Susanna non vien – Amore e sesso in Mozart (Feltrinelli 2014).